This Smartphone Mount Features Face Tracking and 360º Recording Abilities

This Smartphone Mount Features Face Tracking and 360º Recording Abilities

Let’s face it: smartphone mounts don’t tend to be very exciting. Associated mostly with slight alleviations of inconvenience during long car trips, these stagnant and uninspiring holders barely amount to much more than a second-thought purchase.

With revolutionary face tracking and 360º recording capabilities, this Picbot Face Tracking Automated Smartphone Mount has officially changed the smartphone mount game, and it’s on sale for over 40% off at just $112.99.

If you’re lucky enough to have a newer smartphone that features the Face ID feature, you’re doubtlessly aware of just how innovative this state-of-the-art feature is. The Picbot mount takes this technology to a whole new level, by incorporating built-in facial tracking features that drastically improve your photo-taking capabilities.

Working in concert with a full-featured app, this intrepid mount acts as an intuitive and hands-free assistant—whether you’re filming a video blog, keeping your eyes on a recipe in the kitchen, or setting up the perfect selfie.

This mount effortlessly tracks your facial movements and expressions on a 360º swivel base to give you the perfect exposure in any environment, features smooth rotations so you’ll never have to edit out blurry captures, automatically initiates a countdown timer to ensure that your subject is in the perfect place at the perfect time, and more.

It even comes with a standard 1/4” thread mount that can be attached to most tripods and stands for added stability and reach.

Find out for yourself why the Picbot Face Tracking Automated Smartphone Mount has become a Kickstarter sensation. It’s on sale for just $112.99—over 40% off its usual price.

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